But athletes and applicants need to undergo drug testing for their safety, since as drug testing has become more sophisticated as methods and technology improve and move ahead, the drugs that are appearing nowadays are becoming steadily harder for those same tests to detect. In the case of sports, some scientists attached argue drugs should be legalized to stop more dangerous sides of this habit from appearing. It hasn’t been successful, but there is a tightrope since the only means performance enhancing drugs can be taken if the athletes are under an obligation to take the drugs in the first place.

But this has paved the way for illegal drug use, and many athletes have found themselves fined and bans for taking illegal drugs. They are not performance enhancers, they reduce performance, and they affect perception and the body. Those athletes who have taken the drugs find themselves with their reputations in tatters, but some of them are cheaters who care only about winning – and those who take illegal performance enhancers cause problems for those athletes who haven’t cheated, giving them an unfair advantage over the others. Many of these offending athletes can also be passing on the wrong message to children, who look up to them. It could also inspire them to take drugs themselves, creating more problems.

Sports Drugs Legalization

So, drug testing in sports and the workplace helps secure the reputation of the sporting world and of athletes, since many competitors in various branches of sport have caused a lot of damage because of drug abuse. That’s changing because of the various methods of drug testing, and because the lists of drugs keep increasing as the drugs are created and used, the methods for testing them improve as well. In the workplace, drug testing prevents workers from turning up to work stoned and unable to concentrate and to focus on their job, increasing the chances of danger in the workplace.

But there are other drawbacks – in sports, it could cause the drug problems to worsen, since illegal drugs have become more difficult to detect. Another drawback is drug testing can disqualify someone, or make an employer turn around to an applicant and say they will not be hired simply because they were tested positive for something…. only to learn that they had taken something innocent, like cough medicine, or a hay fever tablet. Another drawback is the testing wasn’t accurate – some tests were revoked because they were faulty. But overall, drug testing is benefiting because it can help people in the long term.