Not all employers are offices – some are factories and have heavy machinery, machines with a sharp blade and moving parts – and the jobs themselves are dangerous enough if a person is completely sober. Accidents do happen in the workplace. Some jobs require driving a tractor or a truck of some kind, and they are the types of jobs where someone has to be alert at all times. Drug testing before work should hopefully ensure no-one works under the influence of a drug. This will protect them, their colleagues, and customers – especially if that employee works in a shop, handling knives like in a delicatessen.

Paying for drug tests early on before a drug problem circulates out of control and becomes a major problem, in the long run, can save a company a small fortune. The company can also help their employee if they begin to turn up late with their mind, not on the task at hand. It is a good idea for companies and sports associations to begin drug testing since they can help prevent problems should they arise later on. The good news is drug testing is already a requirement for some companies, and transportation companies are covered.

Unfortunately, there are limitations with drug testing. For instance, not all of the drugs can be tested for. Drugs get created fairly frequently, and until their effects are fully understood, then it could take a while before a decent test can be used to narrow down its presence in the system of someone. In the case of an athlete, dignity is also put at risk, in some cases, they need to become nude before the tester, though this is probably for a few types of testing. In the world of sports, the lists of prohibited substances get longer, making it harder for athletes to learn them all.